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I'm a wife to a wonderful, supportive husband, Eddie ... aka “Big Dabby”, mother of three, have five grandsons, two Springer Spaniels and two Saint Bernards. I am involved at our church and volunteer for our local Relay For Life. I go to almost all the grandson's ballgames and love to spend as much time as I can watching them grow! One thing I don't do is take time for myself. Thirty years of diet after diet which have failed has resulted in the “Elephant in the Room” syndrome ... I'll just ignore it, hence, ignore me! Things are about to change!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Scheduling ... Scheduling ... Scheduling

And I'm off ... the scheduling is in full mode. I have appointments with doctors, dietitians, for lab work ..... and more appointments to come. Eddie once again went with me to a support group meeting. They are not like anything I expected. This month a gal from Nordstrom's Department Store spoke and shared ideas of putting together outfits without having to buy complete wardrobes as you transition from heavy to healthy. There is a question/answer session where you have an opportunity to ask or share resolutions to issues you may have regarding your weight loss journey. A doctor is available and shares answers regarding medical questions you may have. I plan to attend these meetings monthly as I'm sure I'll have questions along the way and the information from the speakers has proved to be helpful.

I went to a “girl's night out” supper with my Sunday School Class Friday. They had asked me what type foods I would miss and pizza came to mind, so we chose Eastside Pizza. We had a good time and as I was eating my Stromboli, I came to realize that I just don't feel I'll miss these foods that much after all. I was asked what feelings I had regarding having the restrictions ... my response ... I'm so ready to be able to do things I have been physically restricted to doing for so long, that the thought of not having certain foods on the menu will be well worth the joys I'll receive from being able to play “trains” on the floor with my almost 3 year old grandson.

The support I have received from my husband, children and grandchildren, family and friends has been overwhelming. I feel privileged to work for such supportive and understanding families. In over 20 years of providing daycare in my home, I have never had to take as many days off as I have taken so far this year and we still have two weeks plus at least two days ahead. The journey would not be as easy without all the support I am receiving and for that I am extremely grateful!!

I'll post again as I have news as I move forward in my journey.

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