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I'm a wife to a wonderful, supportive husband, Eddie ... aka “Big Dabby”, mother of three, have five grandsons, two Springer Spaniels and two Saint Bernards. I am involved at our church and volunteer for our local Relay For Life. I go to almost all the grandson's ballgames and love to spend as much time as I can watching them grow! One thing I don't do is take time for myself. Thirty years of diet after diet which have failed has resulted in the “Elephant in the Room” syndrome ... I'll just ignore it, hence, ignore me! Things are about to change!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I want to share a bit of something today. I teach a Sunday School class at our church where I am blessed to be in a class of "youngsters" who are about the age of my children. Even though my title is teacher, they teach me so much more than I could ever teach them and for that I am so thankful. They keep me focused on sometimes the more simple things of life. In the past few weeks we have had a lot going on in our class with visitors coming to be part of our family, to some coming back we have not seen in a while, we have had some fabulous lessons placed in our path at just the right time and we have just recently watched together and are doing a follow up study of the movie "Fireproof". I received an email this week and last that has truly touched my heart and made me look at the basics of my relationship with the Lord and how I put that relationship in perspective in my daily living. This email helped remind me of the importance of giving God the credit where credit is due and that's what I am talking about today.
When I made the decision to have gastric by-pass surgery, I did so after YEARS of diet after diet ... with many ups and downs. I have gained and lost hundreds of pounds in the course of the past 40 years. The difference this time was that when I made the decision to have surgery, I did it with God on board as my pilot. I made the decision that if I was going to take such drastic measures as to have surgery, I wasn't going to do it alone this time. I know that this is only a tool, and that the surgeons are excellent, and their staff very informative and supportive, but that it would ultimately be up to me ... and that frightened me, because by myself in the past I had not succeeded ... so this time, I needed help ... I needed the help of the only one that could do what I had tried to do by myself and failed at ... I needed the Lord! So before taking on this journey, I prayed that I would allow Him to be my guide, my strength, my pilot on this journey ... but again, I have let Him down. Because, I have not given credit where credit is due ... and it was through communication with one of the "youngsters" in my class that I became aware of that ... I have let Him down just like I let myself down many times before, but you see, He has not let me down!! I am 9 months out this week from surgery and I have lost 131 pounds!! I HAVE NOT done this by myself, because, I still would love to have a bite of chocolate candy tomorrow .... but I am so much stronger this time, but not because of my strength ... it's because of God's !!
So now it the time to share ... I just can't believe I have not shared it here before now. Sharing that although I feel so much better, sharing that I look so much better, sharing that I can get into size 12 & 14 pants, sharing that I made it through milestones of food temptations ... I have failed to share how I have done it ... it has only been through the strength of Jesus ... truly His strength, unconditionally love, unending care ... He is always there, even when I forget to recognize it. Ain't He great!!!!
So thank you Beacons of Light class of Port Norfolk Baptist Church ... and thank you God!!!! Today I give total credit to the Lord, for placing me in a place in my church that I can continually learn from those you put around me and most especially thank you for being there for me, for not giving up on me, and for guiding me on this journey .. my prayer is that I continue to allow you to be in control!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Everyone needs to give themselves 30 minutes a day

Found an old Pilate's DVD today and decided to give it a go ... am planning on making it a daily 30 minute routine. One thing I have not done as directed by the doctors since surgery is to adopt a workout routine and that needs to change NOW!! Thirty minutes a day is not too much to ask of myself, now is it?? I eat my three small meals a day, I drink my protein drinks and other fluids to equal the allotted amounts required, I take my vitamins daily, now it's time to put the exercise in place. Although I do try to get to the YMCA twice a week for aquasize, that's not cutting it!! Suck it up ... and get to it!! Military drill instructor is what I need ... but for now, just the knowledge that these last 30 or so pounds won't be as easy as the first 130 is enough to get me motivated to WORK IT OFF!!! As my weight tracker shows, the doctor wants me to loose another 14 pounds, but I'd like to get more than double that off .. so 'Move it, Move it"!!!!! Wish me luck, cheer me on ... and Pray for me!!! The challenge is on ... but I need to remember, I deserve that 30 minutes each and every day for me!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


... and boy does it feel good!!! Except for the sweat pants, they are stretchy, they don't count ... LOL!! Last night I went to the mall to get a good pair of tennis shoes for the workouts at the YMCA, found a great pair and thought since it was early, I'd go on down to Dillard's to try on some clothes. Sunday my dress pants (size 18) were hanging off of me, but I had made up my mind I wouldn't buy any pants until I could get into a 14. Give it a try I told myself. Unwilling to pay much for clothes these days until I get all the weight off, I searched until I found a sale rack ... all dress pants $19.99. I grabbed several pairs of 14's and proceeded into the dressing room, thinking I was going to be very disappointed and probably shouldn't have done this yet. To my surprise, not only did they fit, but they had room to move in!!! I was in tears ... in a large dressing room ... all alone, crying to myself saying over and over again ... I can't believe I can get these on!! A friend of mine texted to tell me she had just gotten Wii Fit and I should come over to "play" it with her and the kids soon ... I texted her back telling her my thrill as I stood there with a size 14 on. Once the shock wore off, I quickly went back to the rack, I actually went with the store pants on ... no shoes!!! I grabbed two pair of size 12, thinking again these certainly would NOT fit ... Whoot Whoot ... they fit, a bit snug, but in a couple of weeks they won't be .. I could not believe it .. I have not had a size 12 on in over 30 years ! I ended up with 4 pair of pants, 2 12's & 2 14's and two blouses, a size 8 and a size 10. I am going in a day or two to look for some jeans, again, won't get anything bigger than a 14, so we'll see how that goes, but for now ... I'm wearing a size 12 dress pants ... Can't believe it!!!!!